Hans Van de Bovenkamp: Gateways 

Hans Van de Bovenkamp, renowned for monumental sculpture installations with the power, lyricism and grand proportions that heighten a viewer's sense of imagination and discovery, unveils Gateways at Alfstad& Contemporary, December 16 – January 20. The exhibition features more than 30 pieces, including small-scale sculptures, paintings, works on paper and maquettes of his one-of-a-kind, estate-entry gates.

Thirty years ago Hans Van de Bovenkamp created a gate for his home in Tillson, New York. Using his signature metal work, shapes and artistry to blend form and function, the gate created a dramatic transition point from public to private space. Today, to broaden his creative portfolio, Van de Bovenkamp combines his art with the utilitarian nature of a gate, making this new endeavor one of his most practical and interesting.

“I reinvent my work every three to ten years – changing discipline, size and materials,” says the abstract sculptor. “In this exhibition, I have fused several of my past series into a completely new body of work so viewers can follow my process from sketches to paintings, and finally, to the creation of museum-quality, small-scale bronze sculptures of actual entry gates.”

“We are excited to have the work of Hans Van de Bovenkamp in our gallery,” says Sam Alfstad. “Combining a masterful artistic vision with engineering precision, Hans’ sculptured gates are perfect for Sarasota.”  

Mr. Van de Bovenkamp feels that gates perform multiple functions. First, they impart an unmistakable identity to any property, business or home – far more so than a street number. Second, they make a statement and introduce a personal aesthetic. Finally, gates are the first thing a visitor sees and welcome them to the warm and inviting environments owners have created. “For individuals who want a unique introduction to their personal space,” says the artist, “there is no better symbol than a distinctive gate.”

The opening night reception for Hans Van de Bovenkamp: Gateways is December 16, 5:30 – 8 pm. The exhibition runs December 17 – January 20, Tuesday – Saturday, 11 – 5 pm. Alfstad& Contemporary is located at 1419 5th Street in the Design District, Sarasota.

About Hans Van de Bovenkamp:
Born Dutch and a youthful immigrant to Ontario, Canada, Hans Van de Bovenkamp moved to the United States to found the avant-garde 10 Downtown and be a member of the Tenth Street Scene in New York City during the 1960s. He was, and still is, a strong adherent of Abstract Expressionism. Currently, he resides on his sculpture farm in Sagaponack, New York, in the Hamptons.

"I find myself working towards an art which includes a spiritual dimension,” says Van de Bovenkamp. “I have become increasingly aware of art as a dialogue between mind and spirit. In recent works, I have emphasized myth, symbol and dream to evoke an atmosphere in which the sculpture and its environment speak to the subconscious to make the observer aware of the dreamlike nature of life, of which we all are part."

Over the past 55 years, Van de Bovenkamp has earned an international reputation for designing, fabricating and installing over 200 commissioned sculptures and fountains. As a result of successful collaborations with architects, cities, museums and private individuals, his works can be seen in public, civic, corporate and private spaces across the United States. He is a favorite among private art collectors. Recent solo exhibitions include Grounds for Sculpture, Hamilton, NJ, the Danubiana Meulensteen Museum, Bratislava, Slovakia, Season of Sculpture, Sarasota, Florida and Alfstad& Contemporary.