Mike Solomon: Sea of Light

April 3 – May 2, 1915

Mike Solomon: Sea of Light is a selection of Solomon's large-scale, wave-shaped fiberglass sculptures, paintings and new prints done in collaboration with Alfstad& Contemporary. 

The work was inspired by Solomon's interests in linear gestures and sense of movement.

"I want to encompass the viewer," says Solomon. "The whole point of working large is to create an 'environment' that the viewer can enter into, to make sculpture that can be viewed from within, like a wave seen from within the tube."

"The fiberglass sculpture and the new paintings in this show are seductive, deceptively simple-looking contraptions that seem to made of light even while they refer most obviously to water," wrote the late art critic, Robert Long. "The sculpture resembles a cresting wave but it is the light inside that collapsing wall of water that is the real subject."