Michael Wyshock: Between Zero & One

“Between Zero & One highlights Michael Wyschock’s intellectual and intuitive color, layering and manipulation techniques,” says Sam Alfstad. “His work is challenging, adventurous and fun – yet displays a depth, texture and a refinement that is visually stimulating.”

“My work focuses on the navigation and exploration of external and internal space, somewhere between zero and one,” says Wyshock, “I explore this space through fractal language in painting, drawing and video.”

 Wyshock has explored mathematics, digital and fractal art for twenty years. Between Zero & One continues his fascination with pixels, spacing, color parallels, formats and visual vibrations through patterns of logic.

The exhibition includes paintings, serigraph prints and a seven-hour video animation, “The Stars are Too Close” that premiered July 2016 at the Blue Balls Festival in Lucerne, Switzerland. All the new works created for Between Zero and One were deconstructed from that video, manipulated, reconstructed and translated to art on paper using a combination of silk-screen, digital printing and hand-embellishing techniques. The result is a series of original 36” x 24” prints that display a complex and balanced composition of fractal and polygonal shapes, digital hand-drawn lines and colors. The one-of-a kind works on paper were created in collaboration with Alfstad& Contemporary.

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