Michael Wyshock: Devil's Swamp

American artist Michael Wyshock, unveils a new exhibition, Devil’s Swamp: Paintings, Constructions, Serigraphs, Drawings & Videos, at Alfstad& Contemporary in Sarasota, March 3–27. Influenced by the impact and aftermath of Hurricane Katrina on New Orleans, Devil’s Swamp features five never-before-seen, large-scale paintings and constructions, mid-size drawings, animation and videos and a series of prints created in collaboration with Alfstad& Contemporary.

"Devil’s Swamp comes from within my soul,” says Michael Wyshock. “When you see an event like Katrina – and struggle through the aftermath – it becomes very personal, especially experiencing years of broken promises and redevelopment plans that never materialized. Those events were my inspiration to think and work in a different mindset – they influenced me to create this art.”

Trained as a painter, Wyshock’s creative process delves into many forms of art.  The works on display in Devil’s Swamp reveal the influence of collaborations with a variety of artists, including poets, composers, punk rockers, scientists and animators. The theme that results is based on pixels, fractals and flat colors artfully manipulated.

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