Michael Taylor: Particles: Something Out of Nothing

The first solo show in Sarasota for the acclaimed glass artist, Michael Taylor. Recognized by his peers in the world of glass as one of the most innovative artists and educators at work today, Taylor is renowned for his unique geometric fused-glass sculptures.

As a pioneer of glass art, Taylor was instrumental in moving glass beyond craft to become a true means of artistic expression. He integrated colored blocks of cast glass to produce complex, interlocking geometric variations, the "cold-glass" technique. His sculptural pieces distribute rays of light to create colorful plays and subtle nuances of refractions and reflections.

“I am an artist, and I don’t think of myself as anything else. I approach my creations – my compositions – in different ways than others in my field,” says Taylor. “The historical perspective of Constructivism and Modernism taught me structure. But, like a singer during a performance, the metamorphosis of creativity constantly changes and refines the process.”

Most glass artists are interested in the structure of the pieces they create, but Taylor is the opposite. He starts with individual glass blocks, which he views as “mini-compositions” needing design, color and shape to function as a whole, and then combines them to achieve structural integrity married with a dazzling and constantly-changing variety of light.

Glass has profound symbolic associations for Taylor. “I use specific color to create a mood, communicate an idea or encourage observation,” he says. “The science and chemistry of glass plays a part in making these choices. I know how unstable certain glasses are, how they can change color when they are heated, cooled and reheated. I know that some glasses literally – and dramatically – change color in transmitted and reflective light.”