Felix de la Concha: Hermitage Artist Intrigue

Sarasota, FL – Spanish master-artist Félix de la Concha unveils recently completed paintings, created during his six-week residency at the prestigious Hermitage Artist Retreat in Englewood, Florida.

Hermitage Artist Intrigue is comprised of 12 oil-on-linen paintings showing different aspects of one of the five artists’ buildings of the Hermitage, plus one painting done from its interior. “I became absorbed by my surroundings at the Hermitage,” says de la Concha. “My creativity was fueled by the natural beauty and serenity of the Hermitage grounds – the 'old Florida' structures, the trees, the water and the waves.”

World renowned for his paintings always done on site, de la Concha’s work explores the relationship between images and reality. “Though the subject doesn’t move, the world around it does – the sunlight, clouds, shadows,” he says.

“To most people, buildings look the same day-after-day,” de la Concha says. “To me, they are continually changing – and in the most profound way.” His work at the Hermitage provides viewers with an evolution of creativity as seen from various views, by an artist keenly attuned to the nuances of light and shadow and subtle color shifts.

“I had no preconceived idea of what I would create while I was there. I became inspired. It was beautiful – no limitations, all possibilities.”

“Anyone who loves the beaches and surf-infused light of Southwest Florida will be intrigued by Félix de la Concha’s canvases,” says Sam Alfstad. “Each painting glows.”