Alain J.L. Huin: A Day at the Beach: Nothing to Hide

International artist and designer Alain J.L. Huin, unveils a new exhibition, A Day at the Beach: Nothing to Hide at Alfstad& Contemporary. Featuring paintings and prints, the artworks are a personal observation and interpretation of what the artist saw while walking the beaches surrounding Sarasota.

“My art work is influenced by details often dismissed or invisible in the blur of daily life,” says Huin who moved to Sarasota almost 20 years ago. “As an artist, my surroundings acutely register with me. Nothing to Hide is my interpretation of what I experienced on Turtle, Lido and Siesta Key Beaches – of course, with a bit of humor.”

"Each of Alain’s bold images sends a message that life is to be enjoyed,” says Sam Alfstad. "His interpretation of beach life is depicted in a series of wry, witty paintings never before exhibited.”