Michael Wyshock: Artist's Statement

"My studio practice involves an analog output in paint that is informed by examinations of space, digital video experiences, sculptural installations, thinking and observations. The information within software provides references for color fracturing within a 3D space. Using tessellated polygons, flat colors, algorithms from screen savers and filters, in addition to the gestalt properties of wholeness, I create new arrangements with physical applications of paint on canvas – they challenge the viewer's familiar associations with space.

"Paintings and drawings reciprocate spatial ideas and inform time-based compositions in video and animation. I look for ways to merge mark-making narratives consistent in sketchbook dream captures with formal discoveries in color vibration from the paintings. Time-based work allows me to introduce a particular element and then examine its characteristics as it transitions into another form.

"I am fascinated by how the majority of fractal research has been led by computers over the past few decades, and how previously the research was limited to hand-drawn examples.  I look for ways to bridge both methods. My methodology of applying paint is rooted in spatial dilemmas, when certain shapes and lines connect to define a fairly recognizable element, I look for ways to disrupt and challenge its placement.  The variance in the mark and depth can allude to repeated parts of the composition to function in more than one defined space. Paintings are completed when the number of disrupted spaces function as their own form of space, oscillating back and forth within the abstracted forms and spectral exposure to reference movement within a still surface."

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