Andrea Dasha Reich 


Andrea Dasha Reich's artworks are abstract interplays of organic shapes and dazzling-color spectrums that explore a deep intimacy with the world around us. In unique and unexpected ways her art surprises the senses and excites the imagination.

Inspired by both nature and the Bauhaus architecture of Prague, where she was born, Reich is a prolific multimedia artist, constantly innovating new techniques and combining pure pigments and epoxy resins to create work that pulls the viewer's eye and mind into mysterious realms of artistic contemplation.

She is internationally recognized for her pioneering work in epoxy resins. 

As Dominique Nahas, a New York art critic, writes: "The vision of Andrea Dasha Reich is embodied within multi-layered resin works that are hallucinatory amalgamations of an unusually vivid sort. Fresh and singularly inviting while remaining perpetually out of reach, Reich's dreamscape engenders ecstatic universes brimming with potentiality."

"I continuously experiment to create new art that is imaginative and has never been done before," says Reich. "This philosophy is the true source of my creativity."

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